We are one of the most distinguished manufacturers of loops which we produce according the high quality requirements of „Made in Germany“.

Based on extensive quality management and an in-house quality assurance procedure we secure an exact positioning of the loops on the carrier strip. Moreover, a constant sealing resistance creates the basis for minimal downtimes for your machines and therefore for an effective production. The basis for our long-term business success are the highest holding and lifting force requirements fulfilled by our products.

This also manifests itself in the fact that our products are sold and used on all five continents – from Australia to Russia to the USA and Brazil.

Naturally, our loops are available for a wide range of commercially available clipping machines. We offer loops up to trichromatic colour combinations.

Detectable Loops FLAGRANTI

  • Detectable on many commercially available metal and x-ray detectors*

  • Increase your product safety

  • Available for almost every commercially available clipping machine in splits of 20, 22 and 25

  • Many different colours available, also bi- and tricolour

  • The loops are produced in our factory in Schmalkalden/Thuringia under a high quality standard